PITT OHIO provides transportation and logistics solutions across North America, specializing in Supply Chain, Ground, LTL and TL services. Not only are they known for the cordial treatment towards their employers and customers, but they have also dedicated themselves to preserving our environment. They follow the 3 P’s, People, Planet, and Profit, and have implemented several environmentally conscious practices into their business operations to actively reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, they have estimated to save almost 1,000 cubic tons of carbon in 2016! Below are some of the ways PITT OHIO is working towards a greener planet.

PITT OHIO ensures their vehicles operate as eco-friendly as possible. They use the latest vehicular technology to boost their MPG performance and efficiency. In 2016, they added 24 compressed natural gas tractors, which emit 11% fewer emissions than diesel tractors, and added trailer skirts to their trailer pool, which reduce wind resistance and improve MPG performance. They do not allow idling, which assists in eliminating excess waste and pollution.

In addition, PITT OHIO’s facilities are known for their efficiency and conservancy. They have been able to save an average of 4,231,680 KWH by replacing their older light bulbs with energy efficient, fluorescent compact eco bulbs and have installed Energy Star appliances. They have also been able to conserve thousands of gallons of water with water-free urinals and touch-less faucets in their kitchens and restrooms. In addition, PITT OHIO has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering and WindStaxTM to implement 180 solar panels and one WindStaxTM wind turbine at their Harmar facility. They are working to further their renewable energy programs, including at their new facility to be built in Parma, OH.

PITT OHIO’s achievements in sustainability have not going unnoticed, as they have two LEED certified buildings, EPA’s SmartWay Excellence Award, and several more recognitions. We appreciate their devotion to furthering their sustainability programs and we are happy to have them as one of our sponsors for Pittsburgh Earth Day this year! To learn more about their sustainability initiatives, click here.