Our health and well-being is directly related to the status of our surrounding environment. At UPMC Health Plan, one of the country’s fastest-growing health plans, they are dedicated to environmental sustainability focused on saving energy and reducing costs associated with energy waste. Here are some highlights of UPMC Health Plan’s great environmental accomplishments!

Less Paper, Less Waste 

UPMC’s paper and printing reduction initiative began in April 2009. They were able to remove almost 100 personal printers and installed energy-efficient printers for all to use. In addition, they practice printer cartridge recycling, which helps recover resources such as metals, plastics, and inks that can be used to make new products. They encourage only printing when absolutely necessary and using two-side paper. Their initiatives allowed them to reduce their paper consumption by 35% between 2012 and 2015!

Reducing Energy 

UPMC Health Plan occupies 16 floors of the U.S. Steel Tower in downtown Pittsburgh. They implemented motion detecting light fixtures with energy-efficient light bulbs on all 16 floors. In addition, their refrigerators, icemakers, printers, and other electric appliances are all Energy Star-certified. These green actions have allowed all 16 floors to become LEED certified!

Sustainable Recognition in Pittsburgh 

UPMC was awarded by Sustainable Pittsburgh with the Sustainable Business Compact Award. The Sustainable Business Compact applauds businesses for their commitment to protecting the environment and provides a way for businesses to demonstrate their corporate sustainability achievements. UPMC was able to earn the highest level of recognition, Champion, for their sustainable performance by scoring 300 out of a possible 330 Essential Points as judged by the Compact. They continue to maintain this level to this date. In addition, UPMC participated in Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge – a competitive program that allows organizations to receive recognition for their sustainable actions.

For more information on UPMC Health Plan’s “greening” programs, click here.