April 2017 - Pittsburgh Earth Day

Millcraft Investments – Populating PA with LEED Certified Skyscrapers

Millcraft is a Western Pennsylvania real estate developer investing in the future of the region. Through diligent methods of private and public funding, Millcraft strives to ensure each project is a success from investment to development. Millcraft thrives on the vision of being a leader of sustainable development in the region. Sustainability stars as one [...]

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Women for a Healthy Environment

Women for a Healthy Environment (WHE) educates and empowers community members about environmental risks that impact public health and advocates for a better tomorrow for all. Through literature, online tools and campaigns, workshops, training programs and resource-rich conferences, WHE helps citizens make informed decisions; gain access to healthier strategies that improve places where people live, learn, [...]

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Join Us for #PghEarthDay 2017!

  La Vie en Vert ("The Green Life") La Vie en Vert, Pittsburgh Earth Day’s special Earth to Table dinner celebration, will commemorate the annual three-day sustainable festival on Saturday, April 22nd. The event will take place at Coterie Company, Pittsburgh’s newest female forward coworking space located in the Frick building Penthouse. From 7PM to [...]

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Peoples Gas – The Natural Way

Peoples has served customers in southwestern Pennsylvania since 1885, and its history extends to the earliest days of the natural gas industry in the United States. Their company provides service from the Transmission system to the Distribution system, through a series of pipelines and stations, all the way to the customer’s meter. Natural gas is [...]

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Dollar Bank – Creating Stronger Communities

Dollar Bank has a long history of involvement in programs that benefit the southwestern Pennsylvania and northeast Ohio regions. Dollar Bank offers a dollar-for-dollar gift matching program for employees to assist with community efforts for which they are personally associated. Dollar Bank has also used its financial expertise to create their Mortgages For Mothers and [...]

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Blume Honey Water – 100% Bee-Friendly, 100% Dee-licious

Honey and water. It’s a wonderfully hydrating, energizing combination that dates back to the first Olympics where the athletes used it to fuel their feats. Blume’s honey water journey began when beverage specialist Michele Meloy Burchfield was approached by Joe Ross, a sports coach at a Pennsylvania boarding school, who had been mixing honey with [...]

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I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh. Take the Pledge.

  Commit to making the Pittsburgh region a better place to be, Earth Day and every day.  Take the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge! Created by the nonprofit Sustainable Pittsburgh, the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge is an opportunity that engages and recognizes individuals for their efforts in making Pittsburgh the greatest place to live, [...]

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ALCOSAN: Promoting Green

One of the biggest obstacles for the environmental movement is the lack of education. Many people are simply unaware of the urgent need for environmental change. The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN), a wastewater treatment agency, not only has several environmentally friendly practices in place, but also works towards educating the public about the services they [...]

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