Duquesne Light Company and Pittsburgh Earth Day Present

Building a Greener Future Series

4 Part Series at the Duquesne Club, 325 Sixth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

"A must-attend for those committed to advancing environmentally conscious practices in the built environment."

Leaders, educators, and innovators in the realm of sustainable infrastructure and construction will converge for engaging panel discussions on the most pressing and trending industry topics. These free gatherings promise to offer unparalleled insights into the cutting-edge practices and innovations driving sustainable development in the construction sector. Connect with industry pioneers in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh and contribute to the dialogue shaping the future of sustainable infrastructure.



Building Material Reuse in Building Renovation & Waste Diversion

In honor of World Environment Month

Tuesday, June 18 | 6 PM - 8 PM

Moderator: Grant Ervin, Director of Environmental Social Governance and Innovation at S & B USA

Topics may include the environmental, economic, and social benefits of reusing building materials in renovation projects. This could include reduced waste sent to landfills, energy savings, cost savings, and community engagement opportunities. Panelists will also explore the challenges and barriers to widespread adoption of material reuse in building renovation. This might include logistical issues such as sourcing reclaimed materials, concerns about quality and safety, and regulatory hurdles.

Panelists coming soon!


Building a Greener Future Series Moderator

Grant Ervin, Director of Environmental Social Governance and Innovation at S&B USA

Grant Ervin, Director of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) and Innovation for S&B USA - Sustainable Business Breakfast Panelist
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Grant Ervin currently serves as the Director of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) and Innovation for S&B USA, an infrastructure integration firm based in Pittsburgh, Pa that specializes in civil construction solutions in the energy, transportation, ports and waterways and vehicle electrification space. Grant serves as an integrator of activities by working across departments, agencies and sectors to form public policy and market-based solutions. He brings deep experience, intersecting the worlds of environmental, community and economic development and infrastructure policy to create innovative and sustainable solutions for local governments, private sector clients, community development organizations, and state agencies.

Prior to joining S&B USA, Mr. Ervin served as the Chief Resilience Officer and Assistant Director for the Department of City Planning for the City of Pittsburgh.


Save the Date for Additional Panels

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“What’s Tech Got to Do with It” Green Trends, Technology and Innovation | November 5


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