Honey and water. It’s a wonderfully hydrating, energizing combination that dates back to the first Olympics where the athletes used it to fuel their feats.

Blume’s honey water journey began when beverage specialist Michele Meloy Burchfield was approached by Joe Ross, a sports coach at a Pennsylvania boarding school, who had been mixing honey with water to create a natural hydration and energy alternative for his athletes. Michele was instantly intrigued with the concept and instinctively knew there was a way to make honey water much more playful on the palate and brought it to longtime friend and globally recognized brand strategist, Carla Frank.

For two years, the duo studied honey, its benefits and the beautiful bees that make it. Their joint passion soon blossomed into Blume Honey Water, a line of naturally energizing, elegantly hydrating waters that delight the palate and build awareness around bee sustainability. Welcome to the sweetest way to savor life together.

The team’s latest #BeeKindGarden initiative brings focus on simple, delightful ways we can all participate in providing a healthy environment for bees — right in our own backyards! Stay tuned to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for incredibly inspiring ways to keep your garden Bluming and buzzing, not to mention some pretty amazing giveaways and photo contests!

Are your taste buds going simply mad for a sip of Blume?! Stroll over to Paint the Square Green in Market Square for a sample, try a dose of this healthy hydration at the PNC Lunch + Learn, and/or attend the Ecolution Fashion Show & La Vie en Vert to try Pittsburgh Earth Day’s signature cocktail, The Zesty Mule, made with Blume Ginger Zest, Boyd & Blair Vodka, a Splash of Lime and a Sprig of Mint.