December 2016 - Pittsburgh Earth Day

Gift Wrapping Paper: Reuse, Don’t Recycle!

Now that the holidays are over gift wrapping paper is no longer exquisitely hiding enjoyable secret surprises, but rather garnishing hallways, garbage cans, and recycling bins. But, what should you do with all of this leftover festive paper strewn about? Contrary to popular belief, gift wrapping paper is not typically an accepted recyclable due to its consistency [...]

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We’re Back! Announcing Pittsburgh Earth Day 2017

We are thrilled to celebrate our third year of Pittsburgh Earth Day with an abundance of exciting, eco-savvy festivities! This year, our From Steel to Sustainable theme lives on as we continue to commemorate Pittsburgh’s past, sustainably innovative present, and Green future. On Thursday, April 20th through Saturday, April 22nd, join us for a citywide celebration [...]

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