Now that the holidays are over gift wrapping paper is no longer exquisitely hiding enjoyable secret surprises, but rather garnishing hallways, garbage cans, and recycling bins. But, what should you do with all of this leftover festive paper strewn about?

Contrary to popular belief, gift wrapping paper is not typically an accepted recyclable due to its consistency and variously colored inks. But, that doesn’t mean you should throw it away either! Here’s a few ideas on how you can reuse that sparkly, snowman adorned paper.


Tear it to Pieces!

Shred your leftover gift wrapping paper and use it as confetti for upcoming festivities like New Year’s Eve.

Packing Paper for Your Next Big Move

Protect your glassware, antiques, and breakables (or even your most delicate holiday decorations) with your wrapping paper scraps.

Line it Up!

Decorate your drawers, cabinets, trays, shelves, and anything else your brain can think of by lining them with your favorite excess wrapping paper.

Get Crafty and Creative

Use your multitude of gift wrapping paper leftovers to create an array of unique pieces of art like scrapbooks, streamers, origami and more.

Because You Can Never Have Enough Decor

Use your excess gift wrapping paper to make even more festive decorations for next year’s holiday – bows, ornaments, wreaths, you name it!