Commit to making the Pittsburgh region a better place to be, Earth Day and every day.  Take the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge!

Created by the nonprofit Sustainable Pittsburgh, the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge is an opportunity that engages and recognizes individuals for their efforts in making Pittsburgh the greatest place to live, work, and play.

By taking the pledge, individuals commit to at least six actions from a list of over 150.  The actions cover the range of sustainability topics, from caring for someone in need to line drying clothes to supporting local businesses.  Upon taking the pledge, individuals receive a customized, printable pledge certificate to hang on their wall, door, window, etc.  There is no fee or obligation associated with this initiative.

The pledge is an invitation for folks to stand up and be counted as leaders in the movement to bring on and sustain the good life in this region.  It taps into our Pittsburgh Pride and provides an accessible way to make a positive difference in one’s life.

The pledge is available online here. Visitors to the site can view the names and hometowns of those who took the pledge, as well as an overview of the most popular actions taken.

Everyone who takes the pledge is encouraged to snap a photo of themselves taking a sustainable action and post it on Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Facebook page using the hashtag #iamsustainablepgh.