According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This staggering number is a large contributor to our greenhouse gas emissions. Luckily, public transit services can help reduce congestion on the roads and mitigate our carbon dioxide emissions.

Port Authority is Pittsburgh’s public transportation system that is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly actions to help preserve the city of Pittsburgh. They encourage transit use and intermodal commuting, including bus, light rail, incline and paratransit services, for about 200,000 daily users.

There are many reasons you should go green with Port Authority! Port Authority is reducing their nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide emissions with their 32 hybrid diesel-electric buses. In addition, they are dedicated to purchasing the cleanest burning diesel fuel and engine technology, which has allowed them to reduce their particulate matter emissions by 96% since 1991! Port Authority buses are also equipped with bike racks to provide bike-to-bus commuters with a safe way to store their bicycles. Finally, with their ConnectCard system that utilizes reusable plastic cards, Port Authority has been able to reduce their amount of paper usage.

Public transportation is an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to driving that all Pittsburghers should use! Read more about Port Authority’s Green Mission here.