Levin Furniture: Green Initiatives

At Levin Furniture, they are determined to leave the world a better place than how they found it. Not only were they able to recycle 1,732,945 total pounds in 2016, including most mattresses through partnerships with local charities, but they also have a plethora of sustainable initiatives in place in their stores, distribution centers, and corporate office. Read more to see what Levin has done to go green!

In their stores…

Levin works to be an environmentally responsible partner in their communities through the conservation of energy. They have been converting to energy efficient light bulbs and have even installed solar panels in four of their stores. In addition, they have implemented programmable digital thermostats, motion sensitive lighting, and timers for their outside lights. These initiatives allow air conditioning, heating, and lighting to only be used when absolutely necessary, which saves a lot of energy!

In their distribution centers…

Levin aims to minimize the waste they send to landfills and maximize the recycling of usable materials. They have been able to eliminate over 40 (53’) trailer loads of Styrofoam being disposed of into landfills with their Styrofoam densifier machine. In addition, they utilize energy efficient fans throughout their warehouses, motion sensitive lighting, energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures, fuel-efficient delivery vehicles, and programmable digital thermostats.

In their corporate office…

Levin’s corporate office works to reuse, recycle, and conserve wherever possible. Similar to their stores and distribution centers, Levin’s corporate office utilizes motion sensitive lighting, energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures, and programmable digital thermostats. They also implemented full recycling of toner, paper products, plastics, and other materials and are currently using hybrid company cars in their fleet!


For more details on how Levin Furniture is staying environmentally conscious, check out their Green Initiative page on their website!

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