The Earth Day Network celebrated Valentine’s Day by sharing these top ten ways to make your Valentine’s Day Green!

1. Plant Some Love: Plant a tree in honor of someone that you love.

2. A Different Gift: Gift a house plant rather than cutting another typical rose. As a bonus, many house plants also act as air purifiers and absorb toxins! Go for an aloe plant or a cactus.

3. Show Your Love: Submit your picture and join the #ShowYourLove campaign with the Climate Coalition and show decision-makers that you love the earth.

4. DIY: Make a DIY present with some old items from your home. Show your loved one that you care about them by spending time and effort on the present while reducing waste at the same time!

5. Chocolates with a Twist: Go the classic Valentine’s Day way but with a twist: buy eco-friendly chocolates that were produced with sustainable farming methods.

6. Food is Always Good: Surprise your loved one with a home-cooked meal made with fresh, healthy, local and organic ingredients.

7. Provide a Loving Home: This is a step up but consider adopting a pet from the local animal shelter! Give those poor animals a warm home and show them some love.

8. Cards: Send a card made of recycled paper or even better, an e-card!

9. A Gift from Nature: Go on a hike or bike ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery that nature has to offer. If you want to be extra romantic, go at sunset or sunrise!

10. Go Organic: Can’t give up traditions? Send organic/fair-trade flowers this year!


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