The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment at Chatham University was created in June 2009 to honor the legacy of alumna and environmentalist Rachel Carson. The school focuses on research and problem solving and provides an interdisciplinary education to prepare their students to solve challenges related to the environment and sustainability.

The school offers six rigorous academic programs. One of their programs is the Bachelor of Sustainability (BSUS), which allows undergraduate students to focus on the following concentrations: Sustainable Design and the Built Environment, Community Development and Planning, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, and Ecological Wellbeing. They also offer a Master of Sustainability (MSUS), which focuses on developing their students’ skills in sustainability management, Earth systems science, assessment, law and policy, communication, ethics, and more.

Many of their classes are held in Eden Hall Campus in Richland Twp, PA, an innovative academic community that provides sustainable living and learning. It was designed to be the first campus to be built from the ground up to be fully sustainable. The campus utilizes sustainable technology in water, energy & climate, community & health, design & planning, and food & sustainable agriculture.

We are excited to have The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment as one of our many great sponsors for Pittsburgh Earth Day 2017 to help promote the importance of education in sustainability and environmental sciences! To learn more about their programs, visit: