Peoples, the largest natural gas distribution company in Pennsylvania, has made large strides to ensure environmentally friendly practices in all facets of production. However, they are also devoted to helping businesses and customers utilize green practices to reduce their energy usage. Peoples provides an extensive list of green tips on their website for all to use. Some of these include adjusting the temperature of your building, implementing energy efficient lamps, and utilizing public transportation. It is important that we have companies who not only exercise eco-friendly practices but also promote them and educate others.

In addition, many communities do not have access to natural gas service and instead heat their homes with costly and inefficient fossil fuels such as oil and propane. Peoples filed a Service Expansion Tariff (SET) with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) to extend their pipelines to provide natural gas to these communities. This allows those residents to not only use an environmentally friendly form of fuel, but also significantly lowers their home heating, hot water, clothes drying, and cooking range costs. Peoples has also partnered with organizations like the River Alert Information Network, or “RAIN”, to ensure the quality and safety of our rivers and protect our watersheds as they transport their natural gas.


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