The Green Life

by Rosa Colucci


April 29, 2020

Hello there, and welcome to my little design corner here that we are calling The Green Life. I hope that you take a moment, enjoy a cup of coffee and take away a happy jolt of inspiration and nugget of knowledge to make your home a happier, healthier place to be.

As the country is lockdown and we are all driven to the edge of sanity, many are deciding it’s time to paint. Consumers are determined to accomplish something in this time when everyday seems like Groundhog Day. 

While you run to the paint store armed with your favorite Instagram photo for inspiration, are you stuck in your tracks on what brand to choose? Do you even care?

There is an adage in the paint business, good paint is not cheap, and cheap paint is not good; not only will it ruin your day it will continue to do so until you repaint it--with good, quality paint. 

Just ask anyone who moved into a new home finished with cheap, builder grade paint. You wipe the walls to clean a fingerprint and the paint comes right up with it.

Color: Haliflax C2-711

The hallmarks of quality paint are excellent adhesion, scuff-resistance, washability, durability and hiding power. High quality paint also has advanced self-leveling properties for a smooth finish and won’t splatter or run when applied. Lastly, the color will radiate on the wall, as the pigments capture the light in the color regardless of the finish. 

High quality paint is filled with complex pigments that create the color luminosity that you are looking for. Higher quality = more pigment. 

Major-label brands such as Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints and Sherwin-Williams have top line products in their stable. Many are available at major retailers. PPG has several lines in their portfolio including PPG Timeless, Olympic and Glidden. They also have a shared investment in the artisan C2 Paint line.


International interior designer and colour specialist Philippa Radon is a representative for C2 Paint. She was introduced to the product while working on a project in her west coast office. 

”The color was Kiwi (C2-655) Afterward, I went to the store and bought several gallons to test in my own home.” There, she says, she was hooked. 

The paint uses a full spectrum color philosophy. There is no black colorant used since it absorbs rather reflects light. The darkest shades are created by mixing other dark pigments. The paint is also crafted with rare, artisan pigments including cobalt blue and oxide green in the 16 colorant system that creates the 496 color fan deck.

“As it dries, those pigments rise to the surface and molecules connect like an atom. That’s when you see the magic happen.” She says.

Science and technology have made paints better than ever. 

Long gone are the days when paint smelled bad and polluted the environment with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) 

VOC’s are carbon-containing chemicals which are released into the atmosphere from both man-made and naturally occurring materials. They have a negative impact on air quality. Outdoors, they affect ground-level ozone and inside, they affect air quality in the short and long term though off-gassing. 

Today’s paints meet stringent guidelines to ensure your safety in the home. Most major brands offer zero VOC paints (less than 5g/L requirement) in their lineups as well as zero-odor products.  

When you think about the investment of your time and your indoor air quality, it is best to spend a little more for a quality product that will perform in the long haul. Visit your local paint store and make sure you purchase the correct tools such as brushes and rollers to make your job easier. (I use microfiber rollers and green Frogbrand Tape for all my projects).

Make the most of your quarantine by making your home healthy and beautiful. 

Color: Churchill C2-730


Rosa Colucci has been writing about real estate and design since 2000. She is a color educator and consultant for PPG Paints, and a regular columnist with The Green Voice Weekly Newsletter.

Connect with Rosa on her Instagram: @rosieshouse

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