Seven Springs No-Power Mountain Adventures Will Get Your Teen Away from the Screen and Into Eco-Friendly Fun

by Amanda Waltz


July 21, 2021

Summer doesn't exactly scream "ski resort," but Seven Springs in Champion, Pa has no off-season. Besides live entertainment, food and drink festivals, and other events geared more towards the adult crowd, the sprawling resort also has plenty of ways for kids and teens to make the most of their vacation before going back to school.

These No-Power Mountain Adventures at Seven Springs are designed to help young visitors ditch their smartphone screens to connect with and appreciate nature, all while using their own energy. They are also touted on the Seven Springs website as one of its Green Initiatives to promote environmental stewardship and conservation.

“Seven Springs Mountain Resort fosters environmental stewardship in all resort operations and facilities through a carefully planned program of sound resource management and environmental protection,” said Alex Moser, Director of Marketing and Communications, Seven Springs Mountain Resort. “The resort is committed to developing sustainable forward-thinking practices, and promoting personal responsibility in recycling and conserving natural resources.”

To experience all the no-power, eco-fun for herself, Pittsburgh Earth Day teen spokeswoman Ella Z. spent a weekend splashing along on a paddle board, relieving stress with some axe throwing, and zipping through the treetops of Seven Springs in the beautiful Laurel Highlands. (See Video)

Screaming Hawk Zipline

What better way to take in the surrounding wilderness and mountain terrain than on the Screaming Hawk Zipline? After a quick lesson with instructors, teens can take in the view as they zoom around on an elevated course featuring 2,000 combined feet of ziplines. Reach up to speeds of 30 miles per hour as you fly through the trees, at heights of anywhere from 15 to 50 feet off the ground. Along the way, you will encounter cargo nets, platforms, bridges, jumps, and other features adding to the experience. Make sure you check out the Seven Springs website for information on age, weight, and health requirements before signing up.

Foggy Goggle Axe House

Think throwing axes is easy? This game of skill has grown in popularity over the years, offering a fun challenge to thrillseekers with its combination of coordination, aim, and a little bit of risk. The trend has come to Seven Springs at the new Axe House located inside the Foggy Goggle bar and restaurant. Opened in June, the venue invites anyone, regardless of age, weight, or height, to test their throwing arm in a variety of targeted games. Try to hit a Moving Bullseye, or play with a team for a friendly round of classic Tic Tac Toe. Fans of The Walking Dead will love Hit 10 - the Zombie Killing Game, which requires participants take out all 10 zombies without hitting innocent bystanders.

Outdoor Adventures

Climb, slide, fish, or ride your way around Seven Springs during a wide variety of outdoor adventures. Teens and their families can make memories during an all-terrain segway tour on scenic trails, skimming the water on paddleboats or stand-up paddleboards, or while fishing together at the resort's private ponds. For a bit of competition, try a game of disc golf, or scale the 24-foot vertical rock wall or Alpine tower with your friends or siblings. There are also more solitary fun times on the 1,980-foot-long Alpine slide or the brand new "Trampoline Thing" that bounces you up to 24 feet into the air. You can also relax on a chairlift ride or sift for treasures in the Seven Springs Gem Mining attraction, also new this year.

Seven Springs Stables

See woodlands and mountain views from horseback while riding with the Seven Springs Stables. Riders of all experience levels from ages 8 and up can saddle up for one-hour guided trail rides, offering a unique opportunity to take in the area's many natural wonders. There are also led pony rides for children 8 and under, as well as carriage rides for couples or the whole family.


Amanda Waltz is a regular columnist with The Green Voice Weekly Newsletter.