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the Green Voice is a bi-monthly newsletter offering stories of sustainability, advice on how to live more green, and information on events and festivals happening in your community. Stay up to date on the latest global Earth Day news. By signing up for the Green Voice, you join a community of individuals pledging to make Earth Day, Every Day®.

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Initially designed to support the activities and events of Pittsburgh Earth Day, The Green Voice quickly evolved into a bi-monthly e-newsletter filled with new, original content.

We tap well-known journalists and sources, including Doug Oster, Natalie Bencivenga, Rosa Colluci, Lynn Banazack, Mia Bencivenga, and others. They provide regular takes on sustainable stories in gardening, fashion, home, health, tech, and food.

With 15,000 subscribers (and growing), The Green Voice has become a much-anticipated and respected source of information and inspiration.

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Our free, weekly publication is packed with articles from some of Pittsburgh’s much-loved and highly-followed journalists. The columns cultivate organic gardens, sprout new ideas for green living, build your recipe box of plant-based food options, and prove that green is the new black when it comes to fashion. 

For a full list of articles from previous Green Voice publications, click here!

Doug Oster, known for his sage gardening wisdom, will share stories, tips, and gardening profiles each week in Gardening Green with Doug.

One of Pittsburgh’s most fashionable trend-setters, Natalie Bencivenga will check in with Pittsburgher’s who are showing us that upcycled, recycled, sustainable, and repurposed are not only socially responsible concepts, but are completely en vogue in the world of style and fashion.

Wondering about vegan pierogis, artisan soyrizo, or the best CSA to subscribe to? All of these topics and more will be on the menu in “Good Food Goes Green” brought to you two times a month by Emily Catalano and her team at Good Food Pittsburgh.

Want to switch up your recipe routine? Meghan Rodgers has a new one for you every week on her Earth-Inspired Eats column. 

You know that recycling is important, you are working hard to reduce single-use plastic in your life, but what more can you do? Be sure to check in weekly with Mia Bencivenga who will provide ideas and inspiration on how to lead your best Green Life.


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