Porsche: Eco-Chic Ride Brings High-Speed Thrills

by Natalie Bencivenga


June 8, 2021

It was an electrifying experience on Sunday, June 6 as I pulled into the Fern Hollow Nature Center in Sewickley to test drive the new Porsche Taycan. This all-electric ride is the latest in the world of automobiles as they transition as an industry from gas to electric. 

“This is the way of the world,” said Dwight Woodside, certified sales manager at Sewickley Porsche. “We see this as a great opportunity. We are taking that racing heritage of Porsche and putting it into our everyday cars.”

But there was nothing ordinary about this day or experience as I got behind the wheel of the new Taycan. One couldn’t help feeling like a boss behind the wheel of this six-figure stunner. The dashboard lit up almost as brightly as I did as they walked me through the intricacies and incredible features of this car. Too warm? Just say “I’m hot” and the air conditioner turns on. The seat adjusts to you perfectly, with lower lumbar support and even more support against your knees. Adjust the steering wheel, decide if you want to be in sport mode or eco-chic mode and you are ready to go. 

“It’s just like when we transitioned from horse and buggy to car. Going from the old ways of how we drove to electric will take a little adjusting, but once you get comfortable with it, you just go,” added Woodside.

And he was right. Within minutes, I felt more at ease and the car’s intuitive nature was a big part of that. When I hit the highway — bam! Literally one heartbeat and I went from zero to 60 (OK 70 mph if my mom isn’t reading this) so smoothly it felt like I was flying. But that was all part of the grand design, after a billion dollar investment to get this car right.

“We know this is a want, not a need. This is different from Tesla. This has the soul of a Porsche and that is hard to quantify,” said Woodside. 

It was further evident when you drove it. While it may be out of my price range, with the base model starting at $80,000 and going up to $200,000, the event was to bring awareness that Porsche is leading the pack when it comes to new electric models. For anyone that came to test drive the model, they donated to the Fern Hollow Nature Center, a beloved space in Sewickley. 

Since 1997, the Center has been a valuable educational and environmental resource in the community. With over 8,000 visitors each year, the Center provides the community with unique learning opportunities and a wonderful facility for events. 

“We think Fern Hollow is a great organization and we value our place in the community,” said Woodside. “Having this view of nature and wanting to be committed to the future, we are showing that you can adapt this into your modern life. It is neat to see the worlds collide in a way that is environmentally sound,” he added. 

The benefits of having a green ride can’t be understated. Electric cars produce no air pollution. No gas means removing yourself from that industry. Electric cars cost one-third less to run than hitting up a gas station and you can charge them at home. More people buying electric means we will see more stations pop up across the country.  

A green ride puts a smile on your face, but cruising down the highway in that Taycan? I’m electrified — and still smiling days later. 



Natalie Bencivenga is a regular columnist with The Green Voice Weekly Newsletter and hosts Pittsburgh Earth Day's VEGED; Earth Inspired Eats