Go Green at Market Square Celebrates Earth Day with Live Music, Electric Cars

by Michael Machosky


April 21, 2022


On the surface, driving isn’t much different than it’s been for a hundred years. However, beneath the hood, a revolution is going on that’s bigger than anything since the development of internal combustion engines.

It arrived quietly — not with the roar of revving engines, but the quiet, subtle power of electric batteries. Fluctuations in gas prices don’t matter at all when your vehicle runs on electricity.

If you’re curious about what this new technology is like, you can check it out up close at  “Go Green at Market Square” this Friday (April 22).

Members of the Drive Electric PA advocacy nonprofit will be there, to show off a plug-in hybrid and a 100% electric vehicle.

“I’ll have a 2019 Ford Fusion,” says Rick Price, Executive director of Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities. “I get about 26 miles all-electric. I can hook up at over 37 free chargers in Pittsburgh Parking Authority garages in Western PA, and over 300 in PA. A Tesla from National Charge Car will be there, and a tabletop Level 2 charger, literature and information about electric vehicles.”

At the moment, the state has more than 29,000 registered electric vehicles, 1,596 Level 2 public chargers, and 324 fast chargers. Drive Electric PA wants to double those numbers.

Transportation creates the largest amount of emissions of any single sector in the American economy. Electric vehicles have the potential to cut this down significantly.


Michael Machosky is a regular columnist with The Green Voice Newsletter