The Cryptid Critter Crawl sculpture installation Puddle of Squonk, by Owen Lowery. Images courtesy of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
Artist Owen Lowery.

The Launch of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and MuseumLab’s New Outdoor Exhibit, The Cryptid Critter Crawl is Just in Time for Earth Day

by Reese Randall


April 7, 2021

There is no sweeter sound than children playing outdoors; exploring the earth beneath them with wide abandon and discovery. One such place for exploration and curiosity is Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, a place that provides innovative and inclusive museum experiences that forge connections with artists, community partners and neighbors to work on behalf of children, youth and families.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and MuseumLab (located adjacent to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh providing growing kids with cutting-edge experiences in art, tech and making) are excited to host, The Cryptid Critter Crawl designed by Pittsburgh-based interactive artist, Owen Lowery.

“The Crawl was created for everyone from children, families and friends, to awkward couples on a first date,” says Lowery. “I’m hoping it will let people explore something strange and curious, learn about unique folklore, have a few chuckles, and maybe spark some deeper conversations.”

The 8 site-specific Cryptid artifact sculptures installed around the museum campus include: The Museum Space Goo, Mothman Chrysaliss, Hibernating Jackalopes, Nessie’s Neck Cover, Bigfoot’s Lost Shoe, Pegasus Nest, Puddle of Squonk and Yateveo’s Spice Rack. Hand-crafted signage for each artifact includes stories and directs viewers to a mobile website,, that offers each Cryptid’s backstory and audio tales voiced by museum staff, a map of the artifacts and supplemental material such as coloring sheets.

“We are thrilled to launch an outdoor, socially-distanced museum exhibit that everyone can explore and enjoy,” said Jane Werner, Executive Director of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. “Our recent expansion into MuseumLab has made us the largest children’s museum campus in the country. The Cryptid Critter Crawl extends our outdoor footprint and creates a deeper connection between the museum, our Northside neighbors and our members and visitors.”

The self-guided installation is available seven days a week, 24-hours-a-day, and does not require admission to the Children’s Museum. Artifacts can be viewed and interacted with while following all social distancing guidelines, along with other items in the Museum’s expanding outdoor footprint, such as the garden, Los Trompos and ROPE.

For more information about Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, go to and visit for more information about the MuseumLab.


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