The Green Life: The Best 7 Decorating Tips to Refresh Your Home Right Now!

by Rosa Colucci


May 27, 2020

Summer has finally peaked it’s head and it’s time to reset your home. Each of these ideas can be tackled in a few hours. Most will cost you nothing but your time. If you need more help with any of these items visit Pinterest for quick photos and have at it! 

Rearrange Your Bookshelves

Take an evening and take no prisoners. Time to get rid of dusty statues, old books and clutter.  Add baskets on the lower shelves for pet toys, kids toys and small games. Update photos in the frames to more recent images. Keep books that you cannot replace and donate the rest to the library. Add a few plants and use the designer trick to arrange items in odd groups of 1, 3 or 5 items per shelf. 

Paint a Room

Everyone is painting, but my vote goes to painting the powder room. It is the most used in the house right now. Pick a deep, rich blue, add some white accents and new towels. A bowl of dried lavender to freshen the air and Voila! Instant calm.

Sanctuary Your Bedroom

Time to stop binge-watching Netflix in the bedroom. Lose the tech. Drill a small hole in your nightstand and run your phone cord through it to store the phone at night. Remove the TV; Get new bedding and add a fan to sleep with at night. Lack of sleep creates all kinds of stress hormones and that is the last thing you need right now. Read a book, and go to bed. 

Rearrange Your Artwork

Shop your home. Move your bedroom artwork to the family room. Take the dining room pieces and move to the bedroom. You will be amazed how it takes on new life. 



Add Some Plants

They will improve your indoor air quality. Bring in some low-maintenance greenery such as Aloe Vera (removes formaldehyde); Areca Palm (Removes general air toxins) and Bamboo for starters. 

Update Your Table Settings

How much time you have spent eating at home staring at the same plates day after day? Let’s celebrate being alive and use the “good china.” 

If you have white everyday dishes, purchase some colorful salad plates and bowls. Crate & Barrel and Target have lots of budget-friendly options that will add some summertime punch to your meals. While you are at it, get some colorful placemats and a nice, low vase for flowers. Dress the table, take a deep breath, and make mealtime a special occasion.

Rosa Colucci is a features writer, color educator and consultant. She writes a bi-weekly newsletter for The Green Voice. 

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