Sustainable Trends: 2021 Edition

by Natalie Bencivenga


March 2, 2021

“Trendy” can be a four-letter word when it comes to sustainable fashion. You may not be ready to give up your skinny jeans in favor of loose, wide-leg looks all the rage on TikTok. And when you are thinking about sustainable style, having an on-trend fashion moment may seem out of reach. But you still can have fun with trends and be an eco-savvy fashionista all at once. Check out these tips to keep in mind as we navigate our way into spring fashion.

More Brands Going Green:The past year has been daunting, to say the least. But a positive thing that came out of 2020 was that people are paying attention to where they are spending their money. As more consumers recognize the need for brands to take a firmer stance on climate change and recognize how they can be a part of the solution, fashion houses are taking notes. Many larger brands are working towards having items that are “eco-conscious.” And while some of the steps may be small, studies predict that the sustainable fashion market will reach $9.81 billion in 2025 and $15.17 billion in 2030. Putting pressure on the industry by spending our dollars on brands that are driving social change will only encourage other brands to follow suit. 

The Power of Rewear: Have a favorite sweater? The comfiest pair of worn-in jeans? Wear them because you love them and who cares what season they are from. Restyling is the key to keeping well-loved pieces looking fresh. The idea of one-and-done fashion is so passe, and celebrities are even photographing themselves in outfits we’ve seen before. Take, for instance, Meghan Markle’s recent maternity photoshoot with husband, Prince Harry. She recycled a beautiful Carolina Herrara dress that she first wore when she was pregnant with her first child. The brand’s creative director, Wes Gordon spoke with Town & Country Magazine, saying: “The number one thing that someone can do for sustainability is hold on to those pieces you buy and use them for a longer amount of time. That’s why I think what Meghan did is such a powerful message. She wore a dress that’s no less beautiful because it’s two years old... it makes her feel no less special or no less happy." 


Shop Local: By supporting small businesses in your community, you are decreasing the carbon footprint of clothes traveling internationally to get to you. Small businesses are more likely to showcase locally made brands, as well, many of which are sustainably focused. If you want to encourage your local shops to carry more eco-chic brands, reach out to them directly. Their consumer is their neighbor, so they are more inclined to deliver on those requests. You really can have your trendy new spring dress and still support eco-friendly fashion! 

Thrifty Fashion: Reselling is on the rise as people continue to become more aware of their pocketbooks and the planet. The pandemic forced everyone to tighten their belts — and perhaps put back impulse trendy fast fashion purchases. But whether you are reselling clothes or buying ones gently-loved, recirculating these fashions makes them less likely to end up in landfills — where 80% of fashion ends up. Freshen up looks with the way you style them utilizing on-trend accessories like bags and shoes. 

No matter what styles you love — or however you like to part your hair — we can all do a little more in 2021 to ensure the health of our planet, one trend at a time!


By Natalie Bencivenga