100-percent organic cotton knit jumper ($42) by Little Moo (photography by Jessica Waychoff).




Stephanie Lemieux’s Organic Children’s Clothing Line, Little Moo is a Big Dream Come Trieux

By Reese Randall


December 2, 2020

When you find something that makes you feel good you never want to let it go. If you find something that makes a little one feel good then you really want to hold on to it even tighter. For something that feels good and is made from good, then you’ve found a little heaven — or a Little Moo.

Stephanie Lemieux, founder and designer of Little Moo, a children's clothing brand made of a blend of bamboo and organic cotton, is committed to offering not only the softest fabrics in children’s clothing but the best quality, too.

“Our fabrics come from 100-percent bamboo or blended bamboo and 100-percent cotton,” explains Lemieux. “There are no harsh chemicals or external toxins that will irritate the skin of a baby — we’re incorporating wholesome fabrics ideal for little ones.”

In addition, the fabrics are hypoallergenic with no harsh chemicals or pesticides; which is good for the baby and better for the environment. This was one of the main goals for Lemieux before launching the infant and toddler clothing line in 2019. It was the year prior that the organic soft goods designer began creating baby blankets; and eventually adult-size blankets.

“The blankets are made here in Pittsburgh, and our embroidery is also done here, too,” says Lemieux.

Inspiration for Little Moo emanates from Lemieux’s love for anything baby and kids.

“I love their sweetness and innocence,” Lemieux says. “It's a nice change of pace anytime I can be around them.”

Once a sitter during high school, Lemieux saw first-hand how she could create a blanket for parents to use on their little ones that was a sustainable solution and something that wasn't on the market.

“I wanted to create a brand that was very simple. A few of the kids I would sit for had clothing with bold colors and prints and that’s great for some pieces,” says Lemieux. “But, for everyday wear, I wanted to offer parents a neutral color palette and tones for seamless mix-and-match dressing.”

The seamless hues behind Little Moo designs are neutral tones from cream to navy blue — and almost every piece is gender neutral. Keeping on brand with color options, blankets are available in cream, grey and pink.

However, the name is inspired by something more personal.

“The decision for the name, is significant,” explains Lemieux, second eldest daughter of former Pittsburgh Penguins center, Mario Lemieux. “When I was younger, I had a small ceramic cow collection.”

It was a natural choice for Lemieux to use a cow as the brand identity. She also wanted a play on her last name using the sound a cow makes which is the same as the ending pronunciation of Lemieux.

“I believe we have a unique product — it's the gift that keeps on giving,” says Lemieux, who excitedly shares the most important aspect of Little Moo. “We partner with the Mario Lemieux Foundation as a way to give back.”

A portion of Little Moo's profit goes directly to the Foundation’s initiative, Austin's Playroom, named for her younger brother. Austin spent more than two months in the neonatal intensive care unit immediately following his premature birth. The children patient care initiative was established by her mother, Nathalie Lemieux to create playrooms for children and families in medical facilities.

“With each purchase, I also include a personalized hand-written note explaining the brand and what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Lemieux. Everything on the website can be gifted and customers can extend a note to the recipient and Lemieux will include it inside the package before mailing. Perfect for the holiday season of giving, Lemieux adds, “Little Moo is good shopping that does some good.”

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