Save Paper by Choosing Duquesne Light’s e-Bill
 It's as easy as flipping a switch!

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July 15, 2020

If you’re a Duquesne Light customer and not already enrolled in e-Bill, signing up is as easy as flipping a switch. Here’s how you can join the paperless initiative:

You also can enroll in e-Bill with the DLC mobile app, available from the Apple Store and Google Play. Select “Settings” from the “More” menu, choose “e-Bill” and flip the switch to “ON”.


E-Bill Doesn’t Affect How You Pay Your Bill
Signing up for e-Bill doesn’t change how you pay your bill; it just means that you will receive your bill via email instead of a paper copy in your physical mail box. Signing up for automatic payments is another great option that will save you time.

If you don’t already have an online account, it only takes two minutes to register. When registering, you’ll need to have your account number available. You can find this on a previous bill or by calling Duquesne Light’s Customer Contact Center.

Once you’re enrolled, you also can sign up for text and email reminders so you don’t miss a payment.