Pay Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Among Highlights of Duquesne Light Company’s Corporate Responsibility Journey




August 18, 2022

After releasing its first report on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) last summer, Duquesne Light Holdings Inc. (DLH) today issued a follow-up report as another key step in the organization’s DEI journey. The new report — “Building a New Table Together: An Addendum on Hiring Practices and Pay Equity” — is part of DLH’s growing environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy and further advances the organization’s vision to ensure an equitable, clean energy future for the Pittsburgh region.

“Ensuring a clean energy future for all would not be possible without a solid understanding of and commitment to corporate responsibility,” said Kevin Walker, president and CEO of DLH. “We are making significant strides in ensuring that everything we do has a positive impact on our employees, customers, communities and the environment. Our work is nowhere near finished, but I’m extremely optimistic about the progress we’ve made and the steps we’re taking to achieve our full potential.”

A pay study, conducted in late 2020 by an outside firm, assessed gender-, race- and ethnicity-based equity in the base annual salaries of non-union employees at Duquesne Light Company (DLC), DLH’s regulated electric utility. Results showed equitable salaries across genders, races and ethnicities with near parity. On average, women are paid 99.72% of what men are paid at DLC, and Black or African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics are paid 100.73% of what white employees are paid. The organization intends to reexamine pay data every few years to ensure continued equity.  

In addition to pay equity, DLH monitors internal and external hiring and is intentional about building equitable opportunity in its early-career pipelines.

“As our workforce becomes more representative of the communities we serve, we benefit from the diversity of thought that these team members bring to our company,” said Christine Waller, vice president of communications and corporate responsibility at DLH, who also oversees DEI efforts. “Welcoming all employees to an accepting, inclusive environment where they are valued and respected for their work is a vital way for us to recruit and retain talent while better serving our customers and communities.”

Steadfast Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

DLC has also launched a new webpage highlighting its growing commitment to corporate responsibility. The page serves as a comprehensive resource to learn about the company’s continued investment in its employees, customers and communities, and efforts to create a clean energy future for the Pittsburgh region. It includes information about DLC’s ESG strategy and performance, including access to recent reports; partnerships and commitments; and feature articles.

The page can be accessed at