New Agreement Enables Duquesne Light Company
to Advance Solar Development in Western Pennsylvania



October 11, 2022

Duquesne Light Company (DLC) today announced the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s approval on a long-term solar purchase power agreement (PPA), which will support the development of a new solar facility in western Pennsylvania and ultimately make solar advancement easier and more cost effective in the region.

DLC entered a competitive bid process and successfully negotiated a 20-year PPA with a solar developer for 7 megawatts of output from a new facility located near DLC’s service territory. With construction expected to be complete in 2023, the facility will enhance western Pennsylvania’s solar portfolio, provide family-sustaining jobs and continue moving the region toward a clean energy future.

“Through this agreement, we’re furthering our mission to be a trusted partner in the Pittsburgh region’s transition to a clean energy future for all,” said David Fisfis, vice president of energy policy and general counsel at DLC. “This project will have immediate positive impacts on the environment and public health in addition to benefiting the regional economy and workforce development.”

The PPA is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania, using an innovative model that provides more financial stability for solar developers while simultaneously managing costs.

“We’ve developed a creative procurement process that enables organizations to develop their solar projects faster, at a lower cost and with greater financial backing. We’re also committed to continue supporting regional solar development in a way that supports stable rates for our default service customers,” added Fisfis. “Through this approach, we are continuing to invest in our communities and customers and taking steps to create a cleaner, healthier future for current and future generations.”


Clean Energy Future for All

For more than 140 years, DLC has powered Pittsburgh’s progress from heavy industry to advances in education, medicine and technology. Now, the company is playing a leading role in southwestern Pennsylvania’s next transformation by investing in critical infrastructure and new technologies to enable a clean energy future. Between 2011 and 2021, DLC invested more than $3.1 billion in infrastructure and technology upgrades and plans to invest an additional $2 billion between 2022 and 2026.

Last week, the company participated in the Global Clean Energy Action Forum — the first such event to take place in the U.S. — showcasing the company’s mission to ensure a clean energy future for the Pittsburgh region by:

  • Investing in the modernization of the electric grid.
  • Developing the workforce of tomorrow through development opportunities and resources.
  • Ensuring that everyone benefits from a clean energy future, regardless of their neighborhood or circumstance.

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