NASA Approved Houseplants That Can Clean the Air in Your Home

By Shannon Wozniak


February 2, 2021



Now, more than ever, we have found ourselves indoors. Trading office space for living room headquarters, it’s important to be aware of common indoor pollutants that may be lurking in your air. Pollutants found in printing inks, paper bags, synthetic fibers, glue, rubber, cleaning products and more may be infecting your indoor air. These common household items may contain trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. With exposure to these pollutants, you may experience irritation of your eyes, nose, mouth and throat, headaches, coughing, and other disruptive and potentially harmful symptoms.

If you have no choice but to keep these products in your home, you might choose to take steps to minimize their effects on your home and your body. The best solution?

Common houseplants.

Plants are effective filtration systems you can place throughout your homes to help clean the air you are breathing indoors. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) along with Associated Landscape Contractors of America conducted the Clean Air Study providing insight into their findings of the top plants that can purify indoor air:

Here are some of the plants best suited for the seasonal Pittsburgh climate:

Peace Lily
Low maintenance plant you can place in shaded areas of your home or under artificial light.

Snake Plant
No bright or sun light required with less frequent watering and found t. Be one of the most effective air purifier plants.

Money Plant
Unfortunately, no hundred-dollar bills are coming out of these branches. One of the most common house plants, this plant is easily maintained.

Aloe Vera
Also used for medicinal purposes, this hardy plant requires bright lights and less frequent watering.

Spider Plant
Beautiful inside your home, this plant is easy care and effective.

Bamboo Palm
Bring the tropics indoors with this palm that likes to grow in shaded, humid conditions.

Janet Craig
Popular and durable through adverse weather conditions, this plant is perfect for indoors.

Areca Palm
For those bright spots indoors, this plant will look tropical in your windows.

These air purifying plants can make your home come alive indoors and help you breathe cleaner air. These plants help neutralize pollutants traveling throughout your home while decorating your new office space, home school classroom, or virtual hangouts.


By Shannon Wozniak