Modular International Releases New
Industry-Leading High Efficency LED Modules


July 10, 2023

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Modular international, Inc., has launched a new product line of high output, compact, and energy efficient LED modules. 

MI developed these modules to respond to the needs of lighting professionals seeking an energy efficient lighting product that can achieve high delivered lumen levels for a reasonable price.

According to Vice President of Business Development, Tony Madonna, the 579e series offers superior color rendering properties and high lumen outputs at lower wattages than products previously available to buyers and specifiers of commercial and residential lighting fixtures. 

"Using the new 579e modules, both homeowners and developers can drastically reduce their total energy consumption as compared to similar products in the industry," said Madonna. "This is great news for restorations of historic buildings, higher education and medical institutions, corporate office environments, and the push for energy reduction in smart buildings and homes."

The 579e modules can be used within Modular International’s line of Modular Multiples® fixtures, the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible lighting system. It is a customizable family of fixtures known internationally providing the world’s leading architects, interior designers, and lighting consultants with the means to express lighting innovations with beauty, efficiency, flexibility, and performance.

Founded in 1987, Modular International Inc. is the premier source for innovative architectural light solutions, producing a broad spectrum of products for interior and exterior applications. In its 36-year history, Modular has held more than 40 patents and trademarks. The new line of 579e modules being the latest example of Modular’s ingenuity in the lighting industry.