Ever with her mom, Leanne.

Leanne Ford Brings Her Ford-Meets-Function Modern Vibe
to Crate and Barrel and Crate and Kids.

By Reese Randall


October 6, 2020

It’s easy to see Leanne Ford is beaming. A new mom to daughter, Ever; a new season of her hit HGTV sibling-series, Restored by the Fords(which she was filming in Pittsburgh with her co-star brother, Steve when I reached out to her for this interview); and if that weren’t enough, Ford introduced her new collaboration of breezy and effortless pieces for Leanne Ford for Crate and Barrel and Leanne Ford for Crate and Kids.

A talented interior designer with a minimalist, yet rock-star approach to aesthetics and all things spatial, Ford came to the home design rescue with her modern line of furniture and home accessories not only for Crate and Barrel, but for Crate and Kids, too.

Inspired by her new role as a parent (and, parents everywhere are grateful), Ford designed this line for grown-ups to enjoy, not just for growing tots to explore. “[The line] is made for kids, but adults will love it, too,” says Ford. One example of her timely and eco-friendly design is the Kids Canyon Natural Desk. As a statement piece, the desk is constructed of solid white oak certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (or FSC — the environmental gold standard for responsibly managed forests), natural cane and low-emission engineered wood.




Kids Canyon Natural Desk
designed by Leanne Ford for Crate and Kids.
[Regarding her Kids Canyon Natural Desk. FSC-certified with theenvironmental gold standard for responsibly managed forests.]


“Made for kids, but adults will love it, too.”
— Leanne Ford



Ford’s streamlined desk offers an organized space for kids and puts her smart design solution for studying at the head of the (virtual) class. The return to school has included small, yet space-defying sacrifices. The Kids Canyon Natural Desk features a drawer to provide plenty of space for pencils, crayons, chargers and other necessary classroom essentials; while the built-in pulls add a designer touch. Clearing an open space of books and classwork from the kitchen island or dining room table makes meal prepping and sharing dinners doable again. Ford has created a seamless transition from being at home — to being classroom-ready from home.

Home for Ford is a balance between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. The Upper St. Clair native describes how growing up in her hometown shaped her style sensibilities through its culture and architecture, and how these two elements along with access to nature were influential to her.

It’s her form-meets-function sensibilities that has been impacted most since becoming a mom. When discussing her design collaboration with Crate and Barrel, Ford says, “I appreciate when form-and-function live seamlessly together — it’s harder to do than you think!”

The curated line of furniture and décor by Leanne Ford for Crate and Barrel and Crate and Kids can be found at Crate and Barrel, 1000 Ross Park Mall Drive, Ross Township; 412-630-8001, crateandbarrel.com. Curbside pick-up is available.


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