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Good Food Goes Green: How to Compost in Pittsburgh

By Good Food Pittsburgh


July 1, 2020

We all want to find ways to lessen our carbon footprint — and beginning to compost in our home is one of the biggest steps we can take to lower the amount of waste we produce.

Turning our discarded carrot tops, banana peels, and coffee grounds into a rich, nutrient-dense soil is an incredibly satisfying process, but it can be difficult to get started. Luckily, there are a few Pittsburgh-based companies that can take your compostable materials off your hands, and put it to good use.

Shadyside Worms

One of Pittsburgh’s most recognizable composting companies is Shadyside Worms. The company’s residential composting program (called the Curbside Compost Exchange) operates like a trash and recycling service, collecting food scraps and compostable materials weekly, in exchange for naturally-made fertilizer. Subscriptions start at $25/month, with at least a three-month commitment to begin.

Worm Return

Female-owned, socially-responsible Worm Return offers composting services for both businesses and households. They provide the container and instructions for what can be composted, and pick up once or twice weekly, depending on individual needs. Subscriptions start at $25/month.


AgRecycle typically works with businesses and restaurants by accepting compostable materials on a large scale. But, later this year, they’ll be starting a residential drop-off program, using certified compostable bags. Check out their website for updated information.

The Compost People

Currently serving all of Mt. Lebanon (with more Pittsburgh areas coming soon!), The Compost People provides five-gallon bins to clients for collecting compostable materials. The company collects the bins weekly, and in turn delivers the waste to a farm, where it gets converted into compost. Once a year, each client will receive compost delivered to their home. Subscriptions start at $18/month.

Pennsylvania Resource Council

Want to try composting in your own backyard? The Pennsylvania Resource Council offers a number of different workshops throughout the year (currently virtually!), that will teach you everything about backyard composting, and provide a compost bin to get started. The latest round of webinars just happened, but keep checking their website for the next set of dates.

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