Square Cafe's Vegan Banana Pancakes
Photo Courtesy of Square Cafe

Good Food Goes Green - 5 Vegan Dishes to Order for Takeout Right Now

By Good Food Pittsburgh


July 14, 2020

Want to take a small step to living (and eating) more sustainably? Commit to eating vegan at least one day a week. Not only is adopting a vegan diet (even partially) healthier for the environment, but it can also offer some incredibly tasty options for eating better. 

If you need a little help with getting started, try one of these dishes from some stellar Pittsburgh restaurants — and all are available for takeout right now, too. 

Vegan Pancakes from Square Cafe

Square Cafe is helping to make your breakfast a little more delicious with a vegan pancake platter. Pancakes are made with vegan peanut butter, and topped with fresh bananas and maple syrup. They also offer other vegan options on their menu, including a Tofu & Ancient Grain Bowl (with mushrooms, carrots and zucchini), and a Sweet Potato & Chickpea Burger. Square Cafe (1137 S. Braddock Avenue) 

Falafel Sandwich from B52

B52 is one of Pittsburgh’s favorite vegan eateries, serving up a full menu of all-vegan delights. Our pick is their Falafel Sandwich, made with mixed greens from Tiny Seed Farm, housemade pickles, toum dressing, and their homemade falafel. Pro tip: Order hummus on the side for a real treat! B52 (5202 Butler Street) 

‘The Woods’ from Onion Maiden 

Now open for takeout only, Onion Maiden is a vegan restaurant with a eclectic menu. While they have plenty of unique vegan dishes like Oyster Mushroom Tacos (made  with lemongrass and pickled beet), their ‘The Woods’ dish, a stir-fry with Lily flower, kale, wood ear mushroom, tofu, rice and ginger pesto is a standout. Onion Maiden (639 East Warrington Avenue) 

Vegan Burrito from Scratch Food & Beverage

Scratch Food & Beverage in Troy Hill has a wide-reaching menu, with a few vegan options (including some incredible salads). The Vegan Burrito is currently on their takeout menu, and comes stuffed with braised Pennsylvania greens from Wild Purveyor, hummus and black beans. Scratch Food & Beverage (1720 Lowrie Street) 

Revive Bowl from Cafe Liminal 

The newest vegan restaurant to launch in Pittsburgh is Cafe Liminal, which recently opened its doors in the Strip District. With a full menu of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, including bowls, salads and sandwiches, there’s plenty of takeout options to choose from. The Revive Bowl is a super-hearty, super-healthy dish, made with Steel City greens, avocado, Broccolini, riced cauliflower and carrots. Cafe Liminal (1125 Penn Avenue) 

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