A large tree with the sunshine peeking through the leaves overhead

Explore Pittsburgh with Alltrails App

by Holly Vukson


September 1, 2020

There is no comparing the sense of peace I have when I enter the outdoors. Is it the illuminated green tree blankets above that reveal their glory when the sun kisses rays on each of their leaves? Or it could be the illumination of crystals that touch upon the tops of the almost Impressionist style painted waves in the water. The sound of a forest bath always seems good to me, as it gives a sense of focus and calm towards revitalizing my senses.

However nature speaks to you, it is great to know that there are many resources available to help you in your journey. Pittsburgh has many places for you to explore, and one of my favorite ways to find out about them is through the Alltrails App.

This application not only allows you to search any trail in Pittsburgh, but also allows you access to many others locations. While searching the App you will find detailed maps of the location, and traveler photographs, along with activities and facts about each trail.

Staying green has never been so easy. Until your next adventure!

Loving Every Minute and Moment.

Holly Vukson is a guest blogger for The Green Voice.