Photo courtesy of PixCams

Duquesne Light Company Permanently Powers Popular Pittsburgh Bald Eagles Webcam



March 7, 2024

Duquesne Light Company (DLC) recently worked with several community partners, including PixCams, U.S. Steel and Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, to bring a permanent power solution to PixCams’ popular bald eagles webcam in Hays Woods. The webcam gives viewers a chance to view the eagles in their natural habitat without disturbance. When approached by U.S. Steel and PixCams about the project, DLC was proud to support a Pittsburgh tradition that means so much to the community. The upgraded webcam went online in early February just in time for the first clutch of eggs of the year, which is expected around Valentine’s Day.

“Observing the Hays eagles has become a beloved tradition for not only many Pittsburghers, but countless others who tune in from around the world. We’re delighted to enhance the viewing experience for those who can’t wait to see what adventures await the nest this year,” said Christine Waller, DLC's vice president of communications and corporate responsibility. “We’re grateful to our partners for their collaboration. This joint effort demonstrates how powerful community partnerships are in supporting our local wildlife and environment, and in making southwestern Pennsylvania a more sustainable place for all.”

PixCams initially installed the Hays camera about 11 years ago and powered it with solar panels and marine batteries. Inclement weather and cold nights often affected the functionality of the webcam, making it unreliable for viewers. To assist, field crews from DLC’s McKeesport Service Center trekked through rough terrain to install a power drop and small transformer on an existing pole about 1,000 feet away from the nest to run wiring to a temporary pole nearby.

“After several years to see if there might be a possibility to have a power drop from the power lines close to the Hays nest camera system, we finally reached out to Duquesne Light Company a few weeks ago to see if it was a possibility, and they were happy to help,” said Bill Powers, founder of PixCams. “Having a 24/7 power source to the Hays camera system is a game changer for the project, and we can’t begin to thank Duquesne Light Company enough for their contributions to this popular Pittsburgh camera.”

From being listed as endangered in 1978 to being removed as a protected species in 2007, the successful revitalization of the bald eagle is in part due to building public awareness and excitement. DLC is committed to supporting a biodiverse habitat in southwestern Pennsylvania and will continue to collaborate with community partners to bring awareness to and preserve the region’s wildlife.

“Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania is excited to connect people locally — and internationally — to Pittsburgh’s bald eagle pair in Hays Woods,” said Rachel Handel, Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania’s communications director. “The addition of consistent power, thanks to Duquesne Light Company, means that online viewers have access to the camera at any time of day, helping Audubon to build appreciation for these beautiful birds and for the clean water and environment that surrounds them.”

To watch the eagles in real time, go to PixCams’ website or click below.