Duquesne Light Company Crowdsources with HeroX to Ideate Solutions for Monitoring Pittsburgh Electrical Cables



January 26, 2022

Duquesne Light Company (DLC), the electric utility for the greater Pittsburgh region, and HeroX, the leading platform and open marketplace for crowdsourced solutions, has launched the crowdsourcing competition “The Monitoring Electrical Cable Challenge.” This effort will try to create a more reliable and safer underground electric network by finding methods for monitoring electrical cable health to allow for proactive maintenance and provide a safe environment for utility workers who maintain electrical power for today's connected society.

Worldwide, we have hundreds of millions of miles of electrical cables beneath our feet, and these cables support the critical infrastructure we rely on each day to power our homes and businesses. However, as these cables age, it is important to proactively monitor their health so that we have consistent access to electrical power. 

“In today’s connected society, electricity is an invaluable resource,” said Josh Gould, director of innovation, DLC. “While our cables are well maintained, we want an innovative system that will guarantee their longevity and improve maintenance efficiency, which will ultimately lead to cost savings. We are excited to see the new insights and technologies that this challenge will generate.” 

The challenge will source novel solutions for monitoring and detecting precursors to failure in underground cables. The winning designs will be awarded a share of the $750K prize purse. 

“We are excited to see DLC tap the power of the crowd to innovate in a much-needed space,” said Kal K. Sahota, CEO, HeroX. “Without a doubt, our extensive network of problem solvers will generate ideas that will have significant impact on our cities and beyond.”

This challenge will consist of three phases. Phase 1 will be an ideation including a concept and initial design. Phase 2 will be a proof of concept and include a prototype demonstration. Phase 3 is a live field test with a pilot deployment. The challenge will provide funding to selected teams through to pilot deployment.   

To accept the challenge, visit 


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