DLC is Here to Help with Payment Assistance Offerings, Energy-Saving Tools

By Duquesne Light - Sponsored Content


July 28, 2020

In times like this, when everything feels uncertain, one thing is clear — no one should feel alone because help is available. Duquesne Light’s ‘Here to Help’ resource center, which includes payment assistance and energy-saving tools, is available to aid residential and small to mid-size business customers facing financial hardships resulting from the ongoing pandemic.

“There is no doubt these are stressful times for some of our customers,” said Dave Johnson, Chief Customer Officer, Duquesne Light Company. “By making it simple and easy for customers to find what they need, when they need it, we’re also giving them time and peace of mind, which is more important today than it’s ever been.”

Here to Help Customers

DLC’s ‘Here to Help’ resource center makes it simple for residential customers to manage their electric use and save on their monthly electric bill, especially as they spend more time at home. With all resources and tools in one place, customers will find energy-saving tips, payment options and links to community-based organizations.

In addition to DLC’s existing payment assistance offerings, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services expanded the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This LIHEAP Recovery Crisis Program offers income-eligible customers crisis grants of up to $800. Customers who received support from LIHEAP prior to the recovery program may be eligible for an additional grant. The program is slated to end on August 31, 2020 or when funds run out.

Through its partnership with Dollar Energy Fund, DLC also added $375,000 of extra funding to its Hardship Fund and expanded income-eligibility, making more than 152,000 of its customers income-eligible for a one-time hardship grant of up to $500. Customers also are encouraged to enroll in a payment arrangement or budget billing to temporarily reduce or spread out the cost of their monthly electric bill. Customers experiencing long-term financial hardships should apply for DLC’s Customer Assistance Program (CAP), which forgives arrears and reduces the monthly payment for those who are eligible.

“As a proud Pittsburgh-based company, helping customers in times of need is more than something we do; it’s a commitment to our community we’ve stood by for 140 years,” said Johnson.

Those interested can learn more about these tools and programs by visiting the ‘Here to Help resource center at Customers facing financial hardships are encouraged to reach out to Duquesne Light for assistance as soon as possible.