Audacy’s volunteers helped to clean up several Pittsburgh neighborhoods during the One Day 1Thing event.

Audacy Spreading the Word About the Benefits of Sustainability

by Mark Soroka


July 7, 2020

Taking care of the planet is woven into all aspects of what Audacy stands for and how it operates. As the second-largest radio company in the United States, Audacy uses the airwaves as a platform to inspire millions of listeners to become better stewards of our environment. At the same time, Audacy is also committed to reducing its own environmental impact in the 48 media markets it operates throughout the country.

“Like many other socially conscious companies, we are concerned about the harmful effects of climate change, and we wanted to do something to help protect the environment,” said Jamie Field, Director of Sustainability for Audacy. “We leveraged our position as one of the nation’s leading audio influencers to get the word out about sustainability, and we used our voice to remind our listeners and employees that individual action can make a big impact in saving our environment.”

Audacy uses a wide range of audio platforms — from radio programs to podcasts to social media channels — to educate the public about the environment.

Field noted that one of Audacy’s most successful media programs is its 1Thing Sustainability Initiative.

“We offer simple tips and practices about how to become more environmentally friendly every day, such as carpooling to work, recycling cans instead of throwing them away, and buying energy-saving light bulbs,” said Field. “1Thing has generated a lot of excitement which we hope will bring about positive change throughout the country.”

In addition, Audacy hosts a full schedule of events throughout the year to promote green living and to raise money for sustainability initiatives.

“One of our biggest events is One Day 1Thing, a company-wide program that takes place across the country on Earth Day,” said Field. “Nationwide this past year, our employees donated 3,282 hours of manpower, collected 5,708 pounds of garbage, planted 1,176 trees, and impacted over 23,000 lives. What makes this day interesting is that each local market engages in a different activity. For instance, folks in New Orleans have recycled beads from the Mardi Gras while people in California have cleaned up debris from the Pacific Ocean.”

Pittsburgh has also hosted several highly successful One Day 1Thing events, said Amy Mauk, who oversees promotions for Audacy in a region that includes Pittsburgh, Greensboro, N.C., and Greenville, S.C.

“We have partnered with local organizations to do things such as cleaning up trash in some of the city’s neighborhoods and planting trees at Point State Park,” she said. “But we don’t stop on Earth Day. Throughout the year we also sponsor a recycling event, offer classes, and run public service announcements about sustainability.”

When it comes to sustainability, Audacy practices what it preaches. To reduce its carbon footprint, Audacy’s local studio and offices are committed to sustainable sourcing, recycling, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.

“We are delighted that our employees share our passion for sustainability,” said Mauk. “By working together, we can help save the environment and make the world a better place for generations to come.”


Mark Soroka is a regular contributor. to The Green Voice