In the center of a bright, airy room is a computer. Above the computer are big shelves full of potted plants. To the left of the computer is a wide-open glass door leading to a beautiful green patio. To the right, are huge windows with views of the backyard and trees.
Indoor plants and natural light are great ways to bring a touch of nature into your home.

12 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home


By Mia Bencivenga


August 11, 2021

Want to make your home as soothing and cozy as possible? Consider bringing a little bit of nature indoors.
By incorporating the following tips, you’ll enhance your home’s aesthetics, functionality, and eco-friendless!

1 ]  Bring in more natural light
Natural light doesn’t just save electricity — it truly brightens up your space. Next time you’re feeling blah, raw back the blinds and let the light in! On sunny days, you may never need to turn on the lights.

2 ]  Let the airflow
Did you know that the air inside our house is usually more polluted than what’s outside? Sweeten your space by letting fresh air circulate through your home.

3]  Decorate with houseplants
Whether it’s a peace lily or a spider plant, there are many hearty plants that won’t just brighten up your home — they’ll also purify your air. If you lack space for more than a few, think about getting some shelves and ladders that you can put by a sunny window.

4 ]  Grow fresh herbs in your kitchen
Add a whimsical touch to your kitchen by planting a small windowsill or wall herb garden. It’ll save you money and give your dishes a serious upgrade!

5 ]  Incorporate natural fibers and textiles into your decor
If you need a new throw pillow or couch, consider ones made out of natural fibers like bamboo, cotton, and wool. And keep a lookout for prints with leaves and flowers to subtly incorporate even more nature into your home!

6 ]  Choose natural wood furniture
Real wooden furniture doesn’t just last longer — it also ties a room together and makes it feel homier. If you’re looking for a sustainable piece of wooden furniture, look into getting something made of bamboo, white ash, oak, maple, mahogany and moreAnd don’t forget to check out second-hand and antique shops for some eco-friendly steals!

7 ]  Paint with fun, eco-friendly colors
Need to spruce up your walls — but want to avoid toxic chemicals? Clare Paint, ECOS Paints, Sherwin Williams Harmony and many more paint companies produce water and clay-based paints you can feel good about in dreamy shades you’ll love!

8]  Fill your home with sustainably grown flowers
If you love fresh flowers in your home but are worried about the effect they have on the environment, you’re in luck! Many florists partner with local, sustainable flower farms so you can enjoy the latest seasonal blossoms without contributing to your carbon footprint.

9 ]  Use dried herbs and plants to freshen up
If you want a longer-lasting way to spruce up your home, consider decorating with dried herbs, grasses, and flowers! From dried eucalyptus to pampas grass and lavender, there are endless ways to add an ethereal — and eco-friendly — touch to your home.

10 ]  Hang vertical gardens in your home
From placing a wooden wall planter as a statement piece above your fireplace to creating a garden wall filled with small plants, vertical gardens are a great way to maximize the green space you have.

11 ]  Put your rocks and crystals on display
Do you collect crystals? Do you love searching for geodes on hikes? Don’t let your rocks gather dust — display them! Small wooden shelves are a great way to show off your favorite earthen treasures. 

12 ]  Make wall displays/mobiles using driftwood and cotton macrame
If you’re looking for some boho ways to liven up your walls, consider making decorations from driftwood, macrame, and more. 


Mia Bencivenga is a regular contributor to The Green Voice.