An electric vehicle is at a charging station. The power supply cable is plugged in. The background is blurred leaves with a soft yellow light peeking through.
With charging stations popping up everywhere, it’s never been more convenient to drive electric!

10 Reasons to Drive Electric


By Mia Bencivenga


September 29, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of driving an electric car? Or maybe you’re simply curious about why electric vehicles are better to drive than gas-powered ones? No matter where you are on your electric vehicle journey, we have ten reasons why driving one is the best option for you and the planet. 

1 ] They’re Cleaner and More Eco-Friendly

Did you know that the average vehicle emits 11,435 pounds of carbon dioxide a year? If you’re looking to contribute to better air quality and lower your carbon footprint, electric vehicles are the way to go! After all, an all-electric vehicle emits zero tailpipe admissions — meaning less pollution and cleaner air for all! 

2] Electricity is A Renewable Resource

Unlike gasoline, electricity is a renewable resource, which is a form of energy that can be replenished naturally. And when it comes to renewable resources for electricity, there are many eco-friendly options, such as hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar.

3] No More Gas Station Stops

What would it be like to never have to stop for gas? For men and women who dread fueling up in an unfamiliar place at night, the idea of being able to keep driving is a huge stress relief. Plus, most EVs can travel more than 100 miles on a single charge, though some models can go over 200 or 300 miles!

4] They’re Super Convenient

Unlike filling up your tank with gas, charging up your car can be done while you are busy doing other things, like shopping, working, or running errands. All you have to do is plug up your car and be on your way!

5] It’s Cheaper to Maintain an EV

Here’s something no one talks about when it comes to the benefits of electric vehicles; you pay less to maintain them than a conventional car! According to Consumer Report, by the time a vehicle reaches its fifth year, electric vehicles cost $900 a year to maintain, whereas gasoline-powered cars cost closer to $1200. In addition, being powered by electricity leads to less engine corrosion and is easier on the breaks, meaning that electric vehicles tend to fare better than their counterparts in the long run. 

6] You’ll Get Money Back

A bonus to driving an electric vehicle? You could be eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500! If you buy or have purchased a new or used vehicle after 2010 you could get some money back come tax season. It’s a small way to reward you for doing your part for the planet!

7] No Gas = Big Savings!

No more driving around town looking for the cheapest gas! If you charge up your electric car at home, you can expect to save $800 - $1000 a year in fuel costs versus a gasoline-powered car. And if you have solar panels installed on your house, you may pay very little if anything to charge your car! 

8] They’re Fun to Drive

Let’s not forget one of the most important aspects of any car — performance! Electric cars deliver quick acceleration, have fantastic handling, and thanks to where the battery is positioned in the car, EVs have superior weight distribution and stability in comparison to their gas-powered counterpart.

9] Less Noise Pollution

Ever noticed how quiet electric cars can be so quiet? If you’ve ever lived on a busy street, you’ll know how irritating it can be to wake up in the middle of the night to a car roaring by. Driving electric makes a quieter world a bigger possibility!

10] The Key to Independence from Oil

Unlike oil, electricity is a domestic energy source, meaning that it can be completely sourced in our own country. Currently, only 40% of the oil used in the United States is made domestically. By no longer needing oil, we can take a critical step towards being a fully energy-independent nation and reduce the need for harmful drilling around the world.

Whether you’re already driving electric, or are simply curious about its benefits, we hope these ten reasons to use an EV
inspire you to live a greener, more eco-conscious life. 


Mia Bencivenga is a regular contributor for The Green Voice