Eco-friendly habits you adopt today will enrich your life for years to come.

10 Easy Eco-Friendly Habits You Can Adopt Right Now

by Mia Bencivenga


June 15, 2022

Adopting eco-friendly habits can seem daunting but in reality, they should make your life better! Here are some easy green habits you can adopt that will make a positive impact on your life — and the planet.

1] Carry a reusable tote

Whether you stash it in your backpack, purse, or car, having a reusable bag on hand is a great way to cut back on the amount of single use plastic bags you acquire when running errands.

2] Try reusable bottles

Reusable canteens and thermoses won’t just save you from consuming extra plastic bottles and cups, they can save you money! Thirsty? Fill up at the water fountain instead of spending three dollars on a bottle. Need a caffeine boost? Many coffee shops offer discounts when you bring your own container.

3] Be mindful of the water you use

Did you know the average family uses 300 gallons of water per day. It’s easy to just let the sink keep running while you wash dishes or brush your teeth, but being just a little more mindful of the water you consume can save precious water and save you money!

4] Save a little energy every day

A great way to save money and electricity? Just look around whatever room you’re in and unplug what you aren’t using. Even when things are off, if they’re plugged in they still sap a little electricity — wasting your money and resources.

5] Adjust that thermostat!

As you are gathering your phone, wallet, and mask in your hands, before heading out the door, double check that thermostat! Does your air-conditioning or heating need to be on full blast while you’re out of the house all day? If not, give it a quick adjustment to save some energy.

6] Hang your clothes out to dry

Not only is air-drying your clothes free and energy-saving, it can also be better for your clothes and fabrics! Overheating and tumble drying your clothes can weaken their fibers. Keep things looking fresher for longer by hanging them out to dry instead.

7] Walk instead of driving when you can 

I know time can be precious — but making a habit of walking instead of driving won’t just reduce your emissions — it can also make a great impact on your health!

8] Reuse your containers

We know that recycling can be pretty hit-or-miss depending on where you live, so getting a second life out of your containers can be another great way to cut back on your consumption. You can use things like pasta sauce jars and tin cans as places to stash leftovers or rustic vases for flowers.

9] Make recycling easier

Recycling can be very confusing! Not all waste management companies recycle the same things — meaning your could be throwing things out that they’ll take. Make things easier on yourself by writing a note of whatever your local waste management company recycles and placing it above your recycling can. If you have the space, try placing your recycling receptacle next to your trash can to keep it easily accessible. Doing small things like this can really decrease the amount you throw away each month without exerting much extra effort. 

10] Compost when you can

Did you totally forget about that bag of carrots in the back of your crisper? We’ve all been there. Instead of pitching the food you don’t use, composting can be a great way to transform those unused foods into a potent fertilizer for you or a loved one’s garden. Here’s a guide to get you started.


Mia Bencivenga is a regular contributor to the Green Voice.