Share Your Garden Memory Contest


Do you have great memories of helping your grandpa with his garden? Do you grow championship beets? Maybe you have a beautiful photo of a garden from years gone by that brings you joy?

This is your chance to win a special gardening prize pack, just by sharing your favorite garden memory with us. How you can enter:

  1. Tell us a story about your favorite gardening memory, if you can share a photo that illustrates your story, even better. Please keep entries to 500 words or less
  2. Share a photo of your favorite gardening memory. Maybe it’s a beautiful blossom, the year your bumper crop really came in, or perhaps a landscape design you are particularly proud of!
  3. Post your photo on your feed with the hashtags #PEDGardenContest #PghEarthDay
  4. Tag @PghEarthDay on your Instagram and Twitter and @PittsburghEarthDay on your Facebook posts
  5. Make sure you’re following us! 

Winner will be chosen on May 4th and will receive a home gardening prize pack!