As a transportations and logistics provider, PITT OHIO recognizes its impact to the global carbon footprint and is actively trying to implement new practices to reduce their environmental impact. PITT OHIO has gone above and beyond in ensuring that their vehicles and facilities are environmentally friendly. In fact, their commitment is “We’re Always Thinking Green!”


Modern vehicles are more eco-friendly than older ones due to their newer technology, and that’s why PITT OHIO maintains a modern fleet of the latest model tractor-trailers, straight trucks, and sprinter vans. Their vehicles are set with on-board computers to measure MPG per truck, terminal, and region, allowing them to easily evaluate their sustainability performance. PITT OHIO also eliminates excess pollution with proper shifting and speed management and by prohibiting idling.


PITT OHIO proudly practices energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction. Their facilities are equipped with fluorescent compact eco bulbs, saving an average of 4,231,680 KWH, and appliances with the energy star label. They also have water free urinals, which conserve 40,000 gallons per unit per year, and touch-free faucets in their kitchens and restrooms. Finally, the PITT OHIO corporate office and Pittsburgh terminal incorporate a single sort recycling program to reduce the amount waste that they produce.

Thank you to PITT OHIO for kindly joining us again as a 2018 Pittsburgh Earth Day sponsor! For information about their Green Initiative, click here.