PITT OHIO has exciting plans in the coming years to improve sustainability within its organization.  In 2018 PITT OHIO’s Pittsburgh Terminal received its official LEED Gold Certification and the company continues to make green improvements to the facility and property.  Most recently, the company added a third wind turbine in Cheswick, PA to power its microgrid coupled with the already installed 180 rooftop solar panels.  The construction of its new terminal in Cleveland, Ohio is well under way.  Eight Windstax Wind Turbines and 708 rooftop solar panels will be installed to further PITT OHIO’s commitment to renewable energy.  The company is also researching electric vehicles through its continued partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering.

PITT OHIO will continue to keep sustainability a core value of their supply chain strategy, for which they were recognized in 2018. PITT OHIO was awarded a 2018 Green Supply Chain Award from industry publication, Supply & Demand Chain Executive. This award is presented to enterprises that ensure that green practices are utilized to further drive sustainability in their supply chain. 

Additionally, PITT OHIO stays true to its commitment to its partnership with SmartWay, a program set forth by the EPA that aims to advance supply chain sustainability and improve freight transportation efficiency. PITT OHIO was awarded the SmartWay Excellence Award in 2016 and 2017. The SmartWay Excellence Award recognizes SmartWay partners for industry leadership and exceptional freight supply chain environmental and energy performance

PITT OHIO continues to prove that its sustainability efforts have no limit and will continue to grow into the future.