Located in Downtown Pittsburgh in the historic Kaufmann’s Grand on Fifth building, EVEN Hotel is uniquely committed to sustainability. EVEN Hotel is a prime example of adaptive reuse, the process of utilizing an old building for a new use. Reusing sites prevents the waste that accompanies demolition of a building and construction of a new site. In addition to preventing waste, adaptive reuse maintains a historic building that has been part of downtown Pittsburgh since the early 20th century.

Part of the IHG Hotel Group, EVEN Hotel participates in the IHG Green Engage System, an online sustainability program that helps hotels across the group manage and report their use of energy, carbon, water, and waste. The system helps hotels minimize their overall utility costs and environmental impact. The IHG Green Engage System has four levels of certification with the level 1 certification being a requirement for all hotels. Level 1 hotel have completed ten best practice solutions such as tracking consumption data and installing energy efficient lighting in the guest rooms. These practices set the hotels up for success and provide energy and cost savings.

As part of the Green Engage System, EVEN Hotel also participates in Green Solutions. Green Solutions are action items that hotels can implement onto their properties to build and operate sustainable hotels. These actions items include initiatives such as installing water-efficient bathroom fixtures, rainwater harvesting, and increasing waste diversion. IHG Hotels are considered leaders in environmental sustainability and the EVEN Hotel is doing its part to bring sustainability to Pittsburgh.