Carmeuse is a worldwide leading producer of lime, high calcium limestone, and dolomitic stone, which are used in a variety of industries, including energy and environmental services. Their products help purify our air and water, and are all vital components of our global infrastructure. The sustainability approach at Carmeuse can be summarized in three words: Prosperity, People, and Planet.

Carmeuse believes in accountability, as they keep the welfare of the current and future generations in mind when undergoing all business operations. Their pursuit towards environmental excellence also involves the implementation of best practices, which includes utilizing the best available technologies, managing carbon emissions, and reducing their water consumption. They work to minimize waste while maximizing resource efficiency, and are dedicated to their continual advancement.

Carmeuse also works to maintain the integrity of the land consumed by their production facilities. They have undergone various quarry reclamation projects to successfully preserve the natural upland and wetland ecosystems and have implemented biodiversity development programs. One of these programs protects rare bird species in their quarries, including the Peregrine Falcon, Eagle Owl, and Bank Swallow.

We are thrilled to have Carmeuse join us as a 2018 Pittsburgh Earth Day sponsor! For more information about Carmeuse and their dedication to protecting our planet, click here.