#1 Cochran Positions Western PA for EV Transition

by Olivia Cochran


May 13, 2024

The 2020s have ushered in a new era of “EV Harmony” for consumers. 

That’s because every eco-conscious car buyer has two goals when approaching an electric vehicle purchase: 

  1. To drive a vehicle that leaves the lightest possible carbon footprint 
  2. To have the same driving experience and features they’d expect from any other type of vehicle 

The EV market has now matured to the point where both these goals are in harmony with one another. Consumers won’t have to sacrifice creature comforts or performance because they choose a more sustainable form of transportation. 

Instead, they’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with zero tailpipe emissions while having all the perks that are part and parcel of the modern-day driving experience: amenities, tech features, fuel efficiency, power, etc.

Whos Leading the Charge in Our Region? 

#1 Cochran, Western Pennsylvania’s largest automotive retailer, has followed a parallel track alongside the flourishing EV market. The company, headed by CEO and Chairman Rob Cochran, has led a multi-year initiative to make electric vehicles accessible and affordable to its customer base. 

These efforts include dealership facility enhancements such as installing charging stations, training EV specialists and educating buyers. #1 Cochran offers the largest dealer-owned charging network in Western PA, with 40+ chargers available to the public. Additionally, the company’s exclusive ClearCut pricing model has made an EV purchase more financially realistic for a broader range of buyers.

Today, 11 of the 19 #1 Cochran new car brands offer electric models, with more manufacturers planning launches in the coming years. 

EVs Special Traits You May Not Know About 

It’s common knowledge that EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, but here are a few other ways they contribute to a greener, more resilient environment and electric grid. 

  • Recycling: Up to 95% of an EV battery can be reused, which prevents the waste of precious minerals. 
  • Air Quality: Because EVs don’t emit noxious fumes, you’ll help maintain cleaner air quality for your community.
  • Power Generation: Certain electric vehicle models can serve as power generation sources. For example, the Ford F-150 Lightning has 120V and 240V outlets that can supply electricity to tools, devices, appliances and even your home. 
  • Vehicle-to-Grid Technology (V2G): Smart charging home technology allows electric cars to discharge electricity back to the grid during peak demand periods. This two-way flow of energy helps balance the grid and maximize the use of renewable energy sources.

Dont Forget About the Perks

Electric vehicles offer advantages you won’t find in gas-powered models. 

  • Regenerative Braking: This process recovers energy and stores it back into the battery. 
  • Fuel Savings: A Consumer Reports study revealed that EV drivers spend on average about 60% less in fuel costs per year than their counterparts who drive gas-powered vehicles. 
  • Incentives: Federal, state and local incentives exist for buyers of select EV models.
  • OEM EV Privileges: Many manufacturers offer benefits like free charging at their partner charging stations, extended battery warranties, and more.  

EVs Are for Every1

Now that the market has reached “EV Harmony” in terms of price, perks and performance, sustainable driving has never been more rewarding. Plus, #1 Cochran gives customers the added advantage of choosing from the largest electric vehicle selection in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia tri-state area.

So whether you’re a first-time EV buyer or longtime EV adoptee, check out the latest new models at


Olivia Cochran is a regular contributor for The Green Voice